Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Urge

Everybody in the world has the little person that they imagine living as. They always wounder what it would be like to be, for example, Bill Gates, or possible Oprah Winfrey. For me, that person is Niel Armstrong. The thought of being the first person to even walk on the moon, is even Breathtaking to think of. The first reason that I believe this is because he got to explore non-human territory. Also, he was able to feel the feeling of barely any gravity. He knew what it was like, to experience something new.

You know when you have lived in a house for while, but you find a new room or something like that. You get the urge just to stay there forever, and to show everybody you can. This is the exact same for the moon. I understand how much he most likely wanted his family to be there to see what he was able to see.

Every person in the lifetime, always will at one point be able to fly. Niel was the one chosen though, to axtually fuffill that. He was able to go and not only fly, but also to fly with his friends. He was able to experience no gravity while in the space ship, and on the moon he could end up jumping to 10 feet high.

Experiencing something new, is one of the best feelings in the world. Its like when you go to your first baseball game, for a boy, or go and watch a musical for the first time, for a girl. Going to the moon is an adventure that you will always want to live, even when you have done it mutiple times, the urge just never goes away.

Because of all these facts, I always tell people that I would just do anything, to even be Niel Armstrong for even just a day. Experienceing new things, no gravity, and having the ability to say that you have been in outer space, is something that I believe is amazing.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Blogs are passages of writing that we create to improve and to develop our writing skills. In Grade 8, we write one blog every week, which indeed does help us with our writing skills, but when we have to do it repeatedly once every seven days our mind starts to get tired and lose interest, and it just becomes another mindless ‘task’. I believe that we should come up with an alternative to fix this problem.

Admittedly, when you perform any action repeatedly such as writing, you tend to get better at it. Your brain remembers what you’ve done and what mistakes you’ve made, and it remembers not to repeat that mistake. For example, when you write ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot’, you notice it’s incorrect and your brain will remember not to repeat the error.

Even though blogs do help us learn, after a while our brains feel like they are going on auto pilot. When you do any task too many times, of course, you’ll start to get bored of it, most likely because it will become a pain rather than a learning experience. For instance, when you go to a restaurant that you really love over and over again, it starts to lose its flare.

I believe that we should attempt to change how the grade eight students do blogs. I believe that we should reduce the frequency of writing blogs and replace them with another idea, such as us teaching younger grades what we have learned. I imagine that this would be a respectable alternative for blog writing because for a lot of people teaching is the best way to learn.

Blogs or writing in general, is something that should not be overdone. You need to write every once in a while, so that you will learn, but still have fun at the same time.

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Grade 8

Grade eight is going to be one of those special years, which I will most likely remember forever. During this year, I experienced so many different things and learned so much compared with any prior year. It is amazing that every year at school you feel that you have learned more than what you have learned in the past years in total since you started school. As an example, instead of doing a regular essay or something under that category for an English project, we got the option to make a video game, or the smallest book ever. While in grade eight you end up feeling so strong and so confident because you are the oldest in your middle school. But probably the best part of grade eight is the freedom. Instead of the usual, “Get to work and do it,” we get classes where we have the option to work on anything we want.

Before grade eight, whenever I heard that we are going to start a new project, I always thought that it would be something like a research project, presentation, essay, or report. I always thought that it’s going to end up being something that I have done before, and I already know what to do. However, now that I’ve gone through grade eight, I always wonder what is going to be different each time I do a project. It always ends up being a new experience.

When you entered middle school and you entered grade six, you were always so scared of the people in grade seven and eight. When you got to grade seven, you started to feel a little more confident, but you were always still a little shy. As soon as you hit grade eight though, your fear just vanished into thin air. You feel like you become the boss of everybody and that no one can really push you around.

In grade eight classes, you start to get the freedom to work on different subjects in some classes. For example, you might finish a science project early, and instead of the teacher just giving you more science work, he might let you work on a history project. I find this to be such an important improvement because this doesn’t require teachers just to keep giving you more homework.

Grade eight is one of those years that you will remember, because you will go through so many changes that are for the better. Although there might be a couple negative facts, such as the work being a little bit more difficult, all the positive facts will completely over-run them. So a message I would like to give out to any student coming into middle school or grade seven is that soon enough you will be able to be the oldest and most powerful in middle school.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Cove

When I hear someone talk about a documentary I always instantly think that they are going to be boring, and give no decent information, but “The Cove” has greatly impacted that thought. The Cove is movie about the recent outburst of dolphin slaughtering, and how it impacts our world. This movie tells us this by showing us three main facts. The First is that most fish meat labeled as whale meat is actually dolphin meat. The next one is that most of the slaughtered dolphins come from china. And finally they show us a way to stop this from happening.

The majority of grocery stores that sell fish labeled as whale meat are actually lying to you by not telling you that most of the whale meat you see, is actually dolphin meat. The reason that this is so important is because Dolphins have an extremely high dose of mercury poisoning which make them extremely unhealthy, while whales have very minimal amounts. The Recommended amount of mercury is 0.5 PPM, but dolphins can hold up to 2000 PPM.

You may be thinking about, “Where does all this meat come from?” The answer is actually China. In china there is a large supply of dolphins, making it one of their main exports to other countries. One reason why the Chinese kill all these dolphins and export this meat is because they are easy to kill because they are so sensitive to sound. Any loud noise can easily kill or at least knock a dolphin unconscious.

The group people that made this video understand how people who watch their documentary will most likely want to end up helping all of the people. Because of this, they made it so that if you text “Dolphin” to a certain number, you would be able to help prevent more slaughtering of dolphins.

I really love this documentary because it almost seems as if it is based on an essay. They give an intro, and tell you what’s happening. They give you some facts about it, and why it’s happening. And finally they give you a solution that you can follow to fix it.

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Physical activities are no longer for the good


A waste of time

No one can say that exercising is

Stretching our muscles

And also

Getting rid of weight

Spending time Running

Is pointless when you could be

Playing video games or lying down while watching TV.

The sensation of kicking a soccer ball

Is nothing compared to

The feeling of watching a funny video on YouTube

When I grow up

I will tell my children

Never Exercise

Understand that you shouldn’t

Listen to your friends

When you finish and you understand how life will be, we must understand that sometimes we must reverse it.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Under Aged Drinking

Lately a lot of bars throughout the country are starting to check IDs before people are allowed to enter because of the rising amount of under-aged drinkers. You may be asking why, well I believe that there are many reasons, but I believe that there are three main reasons that I will focus on. One of them is the fact that the body may not be ready by that age to drink and the organs in the body may need a little more time to develop fully. It may not only affect the organs in the body, but it could also affect the brain. Alcohol at such a young age almost puts the brain in a “resting” mode, which is terrible for children that are going through school and studying, which requires them to always be thinking. Finally, the most important fact is addiction. When you start drinking at a young age, your body starts to grow accustomed to having beer or wine. When you grow up, you body will end up always wanting it.

When we grow up, our body grows up with us. At a young age the organs in our body are not fully developed, which causes them not to be able to handle anything we throw at them. We have to wait for them to fully develop to be able to handle alcohol. The reason why is because when you drink alcohol, the body breaks it down and turns it into a dangerous material called acetaldehyde which can damage your DNA

Although alcohol affects our organs, it also affects our brain. When growing up we of coarse go through school, which will always require our focus and attention. What alcohol does is it takes away our ability to focus and think. It is scientifically proven that our learning ability declines progressively as we age. Therefore to miss the opportunity to learn at a young age will become a permanent loss which cannot be replaced in the future.

The thing that applies to everything in life applies to alcohol the most, addiction. How addiction for alcohol works is that after we try it for the first time, we will start to feel relaxed. The next opportunity you get to drink alcohol you will accept because you thought it felt nice. And then after that it will happen again, and it will end up just repeating itself until it becomes a daily habit. When this happens for alcohol, its terrible because the contents in alcohol have the ability to damage our body, and our brain.

There are so many consequences for under age drinking. You could damage your internal organs such as your liver, your lungs, or possibly your heart. You miss the opportunity to learn and study. And finally you sometimes can just easily get addicted. This shows that when you do things that your body isn’t ready for, your body will start to break down, and it could ruin your life.

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Television has become one of the most addicting pastimes for so many people in the world. Since 1923, when the first television was invented, it has been gaining more popularity. Although a lot of people believe that this is either for better or for worse, I believe it is for both. One topic I would like to focus on is education. A lot of channels these days are starting to lean toward being educational. They attempt to make sure that in almost every episode the audience learns something knew. Another detail is that a lot of people enjoy watching violence and such, which is also commonly found on TV; but there is the problem of small children watching these shows and attempting to imitate. I would also like to talk about addiction. Many people these days automatically get glued to the television when they come home and they never feel like doing anything else such as exercising, going outside, or possibly spending time with their family.

Most shows now a day are starting to incorporate education. In my opinion, I believe that this is the right thing to do because a lot of people spend good amount of their day watching TV instead of doing productive things such as working. Making TV educational end up allowing them to learn new things, such as how to cook, or how to exercise, or it can even teach children to be polite

Generally, a lot of people in the world believe that violence is an amazing and fun thing to watch. Even though I do agree with this, I also believe that there is a negative side to watching violence. Most violence comes from violent TV. What I believe ends up happening is that kids end up watching TV when they are young and then they start to think that that is how life is. As an example, a small child might see that someone on TV gets revenge on someone else for hurting him or her. The child might end up running into a bully at school, which might end up hurting the kid. Because of what the child saw on TV, he could think that it would be better to fight back, rather than to go tell a teacher.

For most people TV is a way to get away from everything; from school, parents, family, friends, and sometimes physical activities. Now I understand that there is nothing wrong with this if it’s done occasionally, but what tends to end up happening is that people get addicted, and it becomes what they do all day. As soon as they end up coming home after an activity, or straight after they wake up, they go straight to the TV; this usually ends up causing them to gain a lot of weight, and to start becoming unhealthy, and sometimes they even lose friends. There are so many problems, we need to find solutions for, and I believe that parents should think about monitoring how much time their children spend watching TV

As you see, Television can be a positive and negative asset at the same time. You may be able to learn new things that you can use in your life, but at the same time you could run into violent programs, or possibly get addicted. Although you may be thinking that the best option is to just not watch TV, its not. People created TV for enjoyment and that is what people should use it for. I just believe that people need to be careful of what they watch, and how much they watch it.

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